New WAR Zone - Freestyle wrestling

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BASED Wrestling presents a new WAR Zone! Freestyle wrestling!

15th November 2020, 10-12pm.
Registration/weigh in from 9:30

Location: Combat Arts Institute of Australia.

Cost: Non-members/1st timers: $16AUD (includes WAR zone & BASED registration). Members $6AUD.

  • These events run on the 3rd Sunday of every month.
  • Membership is a BASED promotion membership unless stated otherwise.
  • Rules are current UWW with exceptions as follows;
    • Uniforms are wrestling suit, rash vest & fight shorts or rash vest & leggings.
    • Wrestling boots are optional, however highly recommended.
    • Circle is 7m diameter.

Download flyer


What is the latest I can register?
Registrations can be done on the day however it is best to do them early and just weigh in on the day.

What if there is nobody in my division?
There are no "divisions" as such the WAR system uses an algorithm to look for the closest person that may prove a challenge for you and creates a match.

Do I get a medal or prize?
No, this is not a "competition". It is an event designed to provide grapplers with a competition environment including referees and staff in order to have fun and develop skills of all involved. More matches experience = Better performance.

How many matches can I expect to get?
This is largely up to you. The system keeps hunting for pairings as soon as there are people in the pairing pool. On average people do 5+ matches in the 2 hour period.

I've never wrestled or done any combat sport, is it safe for me?
Yes, there are players of all different ages and abilities.

I do another grappling sport, can I play?
Yes, experienced referees and coaches make it easy to get the rules and many of your existing moves are allowed.

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